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Hi all!
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Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts

Another free advertising source other than craigslist is social bookmarking.

Bill Selevan

my 1 message

Bill Selevan

My test message no. 1 http://rolingasss.com


With the exception of Craigslist, does anyone know of any other free advertising sources that are effective?


I am looking for help getting my business idea to the next level and I was wondering if you can help.

I launched my website business on May 1st of this year. To date I have over 415 users. It is a multifaceted website service for the construction industry with endless features to help any sized business advertise, network, find work and much more.

The idea is simple. I am looking for a partner/investor with $50K to $100K to help advertise the website (I know where and how) to get contractors or any other construction related business to join up initially for(FREE). Once we have a large enough following (maybe several thousand users) we can start charging members a small monthly fee ($9.95) to be a member. Basically for a little over a $100 a year, they get free advertising, a free webpage, they can post and view job leads, find new business and much much more. Just 2,000 users paying $9.95 a month will be $240K a year with hardly any overhead to run the website. 4,000 users would be nearly a half million dollars per year. There is NO website like mine. None! Several thousand users could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars per year of positive cash flow. I would put in writing to any investor that he will get his initial money invested back first. In other words, if he invested $75K, the first $75K the website made, would go to him first. After that, its a percentage on all future earnings (to be discussed and negotiated)

Just from google alone (they pay me to advertise there logo's on my website) with more users and increased traffic to the site, could be $1000's or more a month only from google.

With paid advertisements from outside companies, member subscriptions fees, and tying in my other business ideas, this can make high hundreds of thousands of dollars a year easily, or even millions.

If you know anyone who may be interested, we can ALL partner and get things in writing and put a plan together to get massive cash flow from the website. I have a detailed plan already, that can be implemented.

I will meet with anyone and put on a little presentation, and answer any questions for them. Again, there is no other website like this. This is my original thoughts and features and service.

If you create a free account and navigate through the website, you will see its potential. I got 415 members without any paid advertising. Thousands will be easy. Thousand will make us rich.

Let me know what you think, and again, everyone will get a piece of the pie. I will give the investor as much risk free incentive possible.

or www.contractor-space.com

What you see is about 50%-60% of what I want to the public to see (the website true potential), the other features and services I want to offer are being kept in my head for safe keeping.


Please let me know.


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